You can download individual assets such as the Hurry logo or you can download the entire presskit.


Our primary logo uses our capital wordmark. Wherever possible, try using the primary logo in full-color.

hurry logo

Primary logo

The primary Hurry logo. It should be used in this form whenever possible.

hurry logo

Inverted primary logo

This version features a white wordmark for greater legibility on dark or busy backgrounds.


In some cases, our favicon can be used on its own to represent the brand without the need for the wordmark.

  • When the size of the logo would make the wordmark illegible.

  • In a multi-panel ad featuring a large full-color logo, the favicon can be use as a secondary brand signifier.

  • In situations where the brand is already well-established.

  • When space is extremely limited and the logo must fit within a square or circular shape.

hurry logohurry logo

Clear space

Our logo works best when enough room to breathe.

hurry logo


Keep a clear space of “X” around our logo at all time to maintain its visual impact in every composition. X = the x-width of the letter H.

Minimum size

To maintain the visual integrity of our logo, don’t scale it below 70px or 18.5mm wide.

hurry logo


100px (width)

hurry logo


26.5mm (width)

Best practices

Here’s a few examples of what we should absolutely avoid when using the logo.

hurry logo

Don't stretch or squeeze it

hurry logo

Don’t rotate it

hurry logo

Don’t use busy backgrounds

hurry logo

Don’t use against low-contrast

hurry logo

Don’t use gradients or shadows

hurry logo

Don’t create your own version

Trademark Usage Guidelines

These guidelines outline the proper usage and visual presentation of our brand assets. Your acceptance and adherence to these guidelines is required for continued use of our brand assets. Any violation of these guidelines will result in the termination of your license and/or permission to use our brand assets.

  • Our brand assets can only be used with written permission.

  • You must not use our brand assets in a way that misleads consumers into thinking that we sponsor, affiliate with, or endorse your company or your products or services.

  • Our brand assets are the exclusive property of our company. Any goodwill that results from your use of our brand assets will benefit us exclusively. You must not take any actions that conflict with our rights or ownership of our brand assets. When using our brand assets on a website, they should be accompanied by a hyperlink to our homepage (

  • Our brand assets must be used with respect. They should not be used in a way that harms us, our products or services, or our reputation. In other words, please do not use our brand assets in association with illegal or harmful activities, or in a deceptive or damaging manner.