We're everywhere you are

We’re currently only zipping around the U.S. but plan to expand through Europe and Asia in 2023. Go team! If you're a retailer looking for a ship-from-store delivery partner, we can help.

What drives us


Empowering local communities

Our average retailer sells more online, but without the tricky national shipping. Saves you time and money.


Transparency from A to B

We believe transparency among shoppers, businesses, and drivers is better for everyone.


Compete with big ecommerce

It’s no secret that 2-day shipping is what people expect for online orders. With Hurry, your local customers can go from 2-day to same-day (even within the hour!).


Efficiency all around

We’re using technology to make the world run a little easier—whether you’re a store owner, a driver, or stoked for your new toaster.

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Seattle Portland Eugene  
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Sacramento San Francisco Oakland  
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Denver Salt Lake City Phoenix  

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